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We ship worldwide. Available in 220v and 110v


Centigrade to Fahrenheit Convertor Table

Most Metal Type and Metal Hot Foil Dies/Plates work well at around 110 Degrees Centigrade or 230 Degrees Fahrenheit mark as show by the red rectangle on the left.

Therefore, when using the FOILCRAFT 4x3 in the USA etc, then please select around 110 Degrees Centigrade when using Metal Type or Metal Plates.

If you are using Polymer Plates, then you will need to increase the temperature to around 140-150 Degrees Centigrade which is equivalent to about 284-302 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Please note that our heating elements etc are designed to work
in USA (110v), its just the thermostat is in Centigrade - this does NOT affect the operation of the machine in USA etc.

Prior to shipment, we thoroughly test each machine here in the UK using Voltage Converting Equipment (110v) to ensure that everything works well.

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